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elephant volunteering in africa

5 Reasons Why An African Conservation Experience is an Unmissable Opportunity

Picture this… Lions roaring, elephants stomping around and cheetahs lurking in the grass. A trip to Africa with Working With Wildlife and Global Work & Travel will be loaded with pinch-yourself-moments just like this. You’ll constantly believe you’re living a real-life David Attenborough special. With prolific wildlife, iconic landscapes and 30 million kilometres of wildlands, here are 5 reasons why going on a conservation experience in Africa is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

Living Locally vs. Just Visiting

Living here is entirely different to visiting. You could always shuffle from landmark to landmark as a regular tourist, but Africa is the oldest continent on the planet. As a guest, you can expect to be transported to an entirely new world of living!

Yes, you’re swapping exxy hotel experiences for authentic shared accommodation living, but what better way to experience true African culture in all its glory?

Live within a community, get friendly with the locals and mingle with like-minded guests and project staff. These trips often work out to be way cheaper than the usual tourist trek too because you’re given the opportunity to live, sleep, eat and adventure in Africa the local way!

It’s Animal Heaven

It may be the world’s hottest continent as its deserts sweep more than half the landmass, but it’s still rife with creatures of all shapes and sizes!

Sure you could check out the Big 5 on Safari… but what if you could actually work alongside them every day? Get all the hands-on opportunity you could dream of with this conservation experience dedicated solely to monitoring, conserving or protecting some of the most famous animals on the planet.

You Can Create a Better Future for Africa

Doing a good deed always makes you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside, right? So instead of just going on a luxury getaway, spend your time abroad lending a hand to those that need it most. Assist in wildlife research, monitor game counts, maintain local vegetation or be a part of the anti-poaching efforts that will benefit Africa as a whole!

Become Part of a Community

So, now we’ve covered the lush landscape and the pure gorgeousness of it all, what about the people?! Participating in a conservation experience in Africa affords the opportunity to discover amazing diversity and rich culture all over. Get amongst the friendliest and most vibrant souls you will ever come across from not just the locals, but all the other guests that come to help from all across the world.

Professional Skill Development

You’d be surprised to learn just how impressive this experience can look on one’s CV. Along with a wealth of new technical skills and confidence – your future boss will be glad to see all the soft skills you learnt abroad too.

You’ll bring home a new found love for life. Improve your social skills, grow your cultural understanding and discover a new found appreciation for our world. 

If you’re a first time conservationist or just want the support of a professional team while you travel, Global Work & Travel is there to help every step of the way. Step outside your comfort zone today and see Africa!