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Testimonials and Reviews

What Previous Guests Have to Say About Us:

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Shaskia J

What a life-changing experience that was nothing short of extraordinary. From hands-on conservation projects to up-close encounters with incredible wildlife, every moment was enriching and impactful. The dedicated passion for wildlife from Edyta and Gary was contagious. The campus is beautifully decorated and homey, forming the perfect bridge between luxury and outdoors.
If you choose the fully catered experience, you will not be disappointed with a custom menu based on your preferences.

This experience is both inspiring and educational. Through this program, you can expect to gain valuable skills, deepen your connection with nature, and developed a strong sense of stewardship towards our planet’s biodiversity. I highly recommend Working with Wildlife to anyone seeking a meaningful volunteer experience in wildlife conservation.

Bonnie John

My husband and I spent 3 weeks in Africa, going on safari in Zimbabwe and Zambia, but our week with Gary and Editya at Working With Wildlife was the highlight.

As the other reviews say, the accommodations are very comfortable and the food is great, as may be expected at any safari camp. What differentiates the WWW experience is the work that structures the day. We learned what needs to be done to bring farm and ranch land back to being hospitable to wild animals. We contributed to tracking the interwoven needs of the reserve. We followed vultures to find the 3-day-old kill of a wild dog pack. What had they eaten? (An eland, it turned out, a much bigger antelope than most of the books tell you wild dogs kill.) Important because you need to know prey preference to properly maintain the predator/prey ratio. Where are the cheetahs now? the lions? Does the watering hole have sufficient water? Are the native trees thriving, or not? These questions occupied the day, contributing to our education and the welfare of the animals.

Of course, Gary and Editya understand that it is also their guests’ vacation, so there are always detours to see the sights on the way to the work. “Hey, this camera shows that lions went by here a few hours ago, let’s find them.” “Let’s stop at the watering hole at dusk to see who’s going to turn up.” Wildlife abound, so there’s no shortage of exciting tracking and sightings. And Ugly Betty, Sweeney Todd, and Pluto (the camp dogs) are always ready for a scritch under the chin or cuddle so you don’t miss your own dogs so much.

My husband says he liked WWW better than the rest of the trip because he felt active. I loved it so much because I felt included rather than served. At the other camps everything seemed to be set up in service of me seeing something — let’s drive to get that obligatory picture of a leopard in a tree, we’ll pump the water in so the buffalo will be outside your window, here’s your coffee prepared just as you like it (I can make my own darn coffee). At the WWW camp, everything seemed to be set up in service of the animals and Gary and Editya welcomed us in to join in serving them. This is the incredible gift of WWW.

Craig Robinson

Gary and Edyta were amazing hosts and the camp is super comfortable. Gary is incredibly knowledgable and shares so much information about the animals, the plants, South Africa, conservation and, unfortunately for this Kiwi, his knowledge of rugby. Go the AB’s!!!
Edyta is a wonderful cook and really goes the extra mile to look after everyone.
Sweeny, Betty and Pluto were the best camp dogs ever.
The animal experiences were second to none. Working with Wildlife is on the frontline of conservation and really gives you an opportunity to be part of their world.
I cant say enough complimentary things about this visit and am already planning a return trip. Hopefully the AB’s will be back on top before then.

Brenda Dornbrack

What an amazing experience in the heart of the Kalahari!

Calvin and I spent 3 days with Gary and Edyta in this privately owned game reserve.

From the time that we arrived to the minute we left Gary and Edyta were amazing hosts, caring, dedicated and passionate about the wonderful work that they do towards the conservation of endangered animals and species in Southern Africa.
While we were there we managed to view a pack of wild dogs who had just made a kill, we also monitored them for quite a long while and Gary also did a head count of these beautiful endangered dogs.

While out on safari Gary checked the camera traps to monitor the movement of the animals in the area. We counted some of the springbok and also managed to see lions from a distance.
We also partook in the measuring of the vegetation growth and different grasses growing in the area.
It is a peaceful part of the country, rustic and unique.

The experience is completely different to the normal safaris that are offered, here one can get close and view the many animals in the park such as giraffe, gemsbok, wild dogs, zebra, wildebeest, different bird species and also partake in the conservation programs that they offer.

The accommodation was in tents above the ground, very comfortable and warm even on a cold evening.

Gary and Edyta are 2 special people who dedicate their time to the conservation of most endangered species in Southern Africa, they are passionate and extremely concerned about the animals that roam freely in this privately owned game reserve in the heart of the Kalahari.

I would highly recommend this type of bush experience. Gary and Edyta made our stay a wonderful life changing experience. I will definitely like to visit again but the next time I visit I will make sure to stay for much longer, it was an awesome bush experience.
Thank you so much!

Evert Doorn

Staying at Working with Willdife is a remarkable and very special experience. Not only because of the unique place that the Kalahari is, but also because this is ‘different’ than any lodge or camp you’ll ever visit. If you want to learn more about the complexities of modern day conservation and nature reserve management, combined with very special encounters, this is the place to be. Gary has a tremendous amount of knowledge about wildlife and animal behaviour and will show you the beauty of this place (while at the same time make sure you won’t leave uneducated) and Edyta is taking great care of the camp and will make sure you might even gain a few kg’s due to the wonderful food. A huge thanks for showing us the place you have the privilege to call home!

Elisah Witvliet

When you plan a trip to ‘Working with Wildlife’, you are not booking a vacation, but an adventure. The road to the lodge is special, the lodge is beautiful, the food is delicious, the animals are fascinating, and Gary and Edyta are fantastic. Would love to come back when my children are older. If you don’t just want to go on safari, but really want to learn things about nature and South-Africa, then this is the place to be!

Glenda Duirs

This is a very special place in the wild with no other vehicles – lovely to feel a small part of a conservation programme and to see our host’s passion for what they do: very warm welcome and both went above and beyond in the camp and out on trips. To sit and wait for the lion to roar was a special experience and to watch wild dogs’ hunting strategies. Fully recommend for anyone who wants a special experience.

Michael Gaunt

We had a wonderful experience. The camp was fantastic as were our hosts and the wonderful home cooked food. It was great to see how everything worked and to see the wildlife and their behaviour including hunting. Also how the rewilding is happening and to be able to get involved with this.

Magdalena Cynkutis-Simon

Working With Wildlife is a pure gem!
You won’t find a better place anywhere in SA where you can see truly wild animals in their natural habitat, undisturbed by flocks of tourists in game viewing caravans.
Thank you Gary and Edyta for this unforgettable experience. We learned a great deal from you.

Lesa Wiseman

Working with Wildlife is not your typical African Safari and game drive. This was a wonder and unique experience. Instead of just going on a game drive, you get to actively help with things like animal counts, analyzing animal behavior, etc.
On our drives we were the only vehicle on the reserve so you aren’t competing with other vehicles for a view. We were out all morning long and well after dark to monitor activities on the reserve. Gary’s knowledge and enthusiasm for wildlife and nature is incredible and infectious.
Edyta manages the camp and cooks three delicious meals every day. She makes sure all the camp needs are met.
If you are looking for something more than just a game drive, this is the place to go.
Thank you Gary and Edyta.

Jacky Step

An excellent private reserve where we had the opportunity to learn about the management of it and especially how this enabled various conservation activities to be undertaken. The camp was run to a high standard by a very knowledgeable and friendly couple who went to a lot of effort to ensure our stay was so brilliant. On game drives we saw many species as well as following wild dogs and cheetah and seeing one of the lions jealously guarding its kill for a couple of days.The whole experience is well .recommended

Jethro Dell

Awesome place and amazing people. Breathtaking sunsets and unforgettable sightings. A true way to experience the Kalahari and conservation hands on. 10/10!!

Mark de Wet

Working With Wildlife offers an amazing eco tourism and conservation experience on iKamab Kalahari Reserve…for those who are looking for a different perspective from the norm…this is definitely an adventure to consider.

Luana Kunz

Staying at Working with Wildlife was a unique and wonderful wonderful experience. Instead of just going on a game drive, you get to actively help with things like invasive plant control, animal counts, and so on. This is the difference to the normal safari experiences. It is unique. And the solitude. On our drives we were the only vehicle. The animal encounters just wauw. Also, Gary’s knowledge and enthusiasm for wildlife and nature is incredible.
Edyta takes wonderful care of the physical well-being in the camp. Her cooking skills are simply delicious. And she responds to all special requests.
The stay at working with wildlife is suitable for people who want to experience something different than just a gamedrive.
All this made this stay unforgettable. Thank you Edyta and Gary.
Luana and Tina from Switzerland

Antoinette Sprenger

I have been on several safaris, but this place is ‘simply the best’! It is truly a beautiful place: lions, cheetah, brown hyena and rhino up close and personal:)) While volunteering where you learn a lot about the surroundings and the various species, you are also enjoying game drives. You get a very intimate experience with the African wildlife just by yourself and not overcrowded with tourists. Just your own vehicle and not 10 others blocking the view with the noise of other tourists spoiling the experience. The camp is in the middle of nowhere no noises just wildlife and the sky at night is something else; you don’t want to go to sleep but just watch it and take it all in. Breathtaking!! It is a gorgeous place and Gary and Edyta are the perfect guides and hosts! Can’t wait to go back!

Peter Ormond

What an amazing place. The accommodation is very comfortable and with wide and unimpeded views across the landscape. Low safety fencing keeps the animals out without impacting on the view.

The wonderful meals were varied, catering for all requirements, and were plentiful. There was the variety of dining in the dining room, outside round a fire and out in the bush for a barbecue.

I loved the opportunity to take part in some of the conservation work from clearing invasive shrubs, removing remnants of previous farmsteads, and vegetation and animal surveys.

Each day brought great sightings of the wildlife and, due to this being the only accommodation, we were the only ones witnessing nature’s wonders. Sometimes, this was right outside the lodge area.

A totally faultless experience brought about by the enthusiasm and attention to detail by Gary and Edyta. I wish I could have stayed longer than the week.

Karla Bauer

What an amazing experience! Gary & Edyta are passionate and knowledgeable; and are dedicated to educating us about the South African, particularly Kalahari, ecosystem.

Their hospitality is first class, especially considering the remoteness. A beautiful camp site with glamping facilities and yummy cooking!

Thank you Gary & Edyta. I have learned so much and want to come back already.

Sophie Dennis

Without a doubt one of the most incredible places I have ever visited!
The kalahari is a very special place filled with an abundance of wildlife and working with wildlife offer such a great way to get involved/actively help with conservation.
We was very lucky to see so many animals… Gary & Mark were so knowledgeable about them all- I learnt so much in just three weeks being there!
Gary and Edyta were amazing hosts and have such a huge passion for the Wildlife. Edyta is a fabulous cook and very flexible with dietary requirements etc.
There is nothing to fault about the camp… it felt like I was leaving home when I left!
This is a trip I will never forget and will forever be grateful for.
Thank you Edyta, Gary, Mark & all the staff who help run the camp- hopefully I can make it back again one day !

Shai-lee Reeves

I spent 3 weeks in the Kalahari with working with wildlife and it has been the best experience of my life! To be able to see such incredible animals in their natural habitat every single day, on the reserve and even from the safety of camp was something I will never forget. I’ve met people on this trip that I believe will now be life long friends from all over the world. Gary and Edyta have such an amazing passion for the animals and we learnt so much from being there, they took amazing care of us and made it feel like home. I miss being there so much already and I know I can speak for the rest of my group when saying that also and I can’t wait to go back!

Karen Schuemie

What a beautiful and inspiring place. It’s all about conservation and not about money!

Michael van Dinther

Edyta & Gary…
Absolutely wonderful and amazing owners / operators of Working with Wildlife.

Gary is so knowledgeable about all wildlife, the environment of South Africa & the Kalahari; best safety practices while out in the African bush, and has both the skills and patience to ensure all guests are getting as much out of this project as possible. He knows his stuff and cares deeply about the Wildlife and Conservation.

Edyta, also very knowledgeable when it comes to the wildlife, is simply an outstanding person who may have missed her call as a professional Chef. She has a true knack for everything hospitality related and cooks delicious food day in and day out, and ensures all of the guests always feel at “Home” as much as possible. A true caring and loving person through and through who hustles for her guests.

The camp site and cabins are very well maintained, and if anything did go wrong, they were very quick to get it fixed.

I highly recommend attending this project for any amount of time as one can. Seeing the wild animals in their natural habitat, contributing to the conservation of the animals habitat; coming home to a nice warm meal surrounded by a fire and some of the most breathtaking sunsets and night’s sky one will ever see…
There simply isn’t anything better that I could think of when wanting to experience a true Safari / Conservation project.

Edyta & Gary…
A BIG thank you for everything you guys do!

* Shout out to Mark (1 of their Safari experts) who was also outstanding!

David Wainstein

This was, hands down, one of the best experiences I have ever had.

The site is absolutely incredible and there is no better way to enjoy nature and assist with conservation efforts.

My only regret is that I couldn’t stay longer when I visited but I will definitely be coming back!

Muriel Jacques

Am a seasoned traveler who loves wildlife and to learn and my stay with Edyta and Gary, via Namaste Yoga Safari managed to surprise me, challenge me and delight me. I learnt a lot about conservation and its challenges and I think it will make me a more discerning traveler going forward and I will thoroughly research places I want to visit. A few myths were debunked and I made it my job to then educate my friends and relatives back home and ‘pass it on’. And then there was the unique and privileged access to countless truly wild wildlife- I will never forget the painted wolves, the cheetah hunting in front of our eyea and the incredibly beautiful lions and so much more, we went to see them every day and not two days were the same. We also did a bit of work with Gary which was both fun and educative and gave us a sense of contribution (albeit very modestly compared to Edyta and Gary). Edyta and Gary are wonderful hosts and it was incredible to be fed so well given how remote the camp is. We were treated to amazing home made food and a different dessert every day. What an memorable experience it was. Thank you.

Susan Wood

This was the most awesome wildlife experience our family has ever had. The setting is remote so aside from our hosts Gary and Edyta we never saw any other people. The night sky was amazing, no light pollution. The game drives were not limited by time. Gary who drove us around is very knowledgeable and we got to see amazing night life. We were able to track Cheetahs, something we’ve never done before. The accommodation was comfortable and exceeded our expectations. Gary and Edyta were amazing hosts and so good with our children. The beautiful Cape fox and her cub that had a den close to our camp was an added bonus too. We managed to assist with a tree survey which was interesting and gave us an opportunity to assist. We would recommend Working with Wildlife to anyone who loves the outdoors and wildlife. It was great value for money. We look forward to going back again.

Mel Barrow

Incredible opportunity to view wildlife and understand wildlife conservation in a pristine bush environment. All the time being well looked after by Gary and Edyta who are warm and welcoming hosts. Food was excellent. Incredibly fortunate to have had this opportunity.

Lenore Beaton

Amazing, inspiring, educational, fantastic, thrilling, and the best experience doing conservation work is how I would describe my time at Working with Wildlife.

Gary and Edyta are an amazing team who have built such an amazing place in the Kalahari to help encourage conservation work and let those that come learn what it’s all about and how important it is for the environment and animals.

I will be going back in the future.

Alex Dao

Never did I think I would walk out of this experience with all the knowledge about conservation and wildlife that I know now. Gary is passionate and proud about what he does and is one of the most knowledgeable people I could of asked for, always felt safe when out on safaris with him.
Edyta, is a beautiful and bubbly person with great cooking skills, every meal we had was delicious and we never went hungry, Edyta and Gary gave me a experience I will forever be grateful for and I would definitely come back to help out again. Thanks

Tracey Wunder

The most amazing experience and certainly not the average game drive trip. Over 90,000 hectares of Kalahari bush and just the Working with Wildlife and Ecology teams to explore it. We visited in May 2021 and had the incredible experience of being part of the release of four cheetah onto the reserve and subsequent tracking (definitely an experience in itself). Our volunteering experience also included checking camera traps, vegetation surveys – who knew how important these are (we do now!) and springbok counting. While not wanting to set the bar too high for future visitors as you never know what the bush will bring – we had the most incredible sightings – from the magnificent, enormous thick maned Kalahari lions (feasting one evening on an eland), leopard, cheetah, eland and oryx to the elusive striped polecats, African wildcat kittens, honey badgers, bat eared foxes, an aardwolf, porcupines and OMG a caracal kitten! Dinner in the bush under the endless African sky, joined briefly by two cheetah, rounded off a truly life changing 8 days – I didn’t want to leave. Learning and sharing stories with Gary and Edyta (and their beloved Betty and Sweeney) and Hanno the ecologist (and his fearless boston terrier) made the visit that much more special. Hosts Gary and Edyta are extremely knowledgeable and their passion for their project and wildlife is infectious. They are welcoming, warm and just the loveliest hosts – not to mention Edyta’s great cooking! Accommodation is cosy and comfortable (thanks so much for the electric blankets!!) and fits beautifully into the bush surroundings. Can’t wait to go back.

Steph Beardsmore

Absolutely incredible all round – Gary and Edyta gave us an amazing experience. They are so knowledgable and welcoming. The lodge accommodation is very clean and more than comfortable. It was amazing learning about the day to day challenges and triumphs of looking after a reserve. I’d absolutely recommend a stay with Working with Wildlife if you’re looking for a unique and personal bush experience.


AMAZING EXPERIENCE!! Definitely the once in a lifetime experience I ever had so far! Being their first volunteer from Asia, I felt extremely proud and I totally have enjoyed myself throughout the entire three weeks trip with #WorkingwithWildlife . Friendly and lovely host, cozy accommodation, great food and company, stunning views, thrilled and exciting game drives! Highly recommended if you’d like to visit South Africa so much and a solo traveller like me 😉

Nadine Gush

Gary and Edyta provide a very unique and informative experience. The perfect getaway for anyone wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and wanting a different experience than the usual safari. We learned so much about the wildlife, vegetation, anti-poaching and the importance of conservation. It was an unforgettable experience and I would recommend this to anyone that loves the bush and wildlife.

Nate Schneider

I have traveled to South Africa at least 8 times now and have volunteered at a handful of conservation and rehabilitation projects. Working with Wildlife will forever be my most highly recommended.

The directors, Gary and Edyta, are warm and hospital. They are wildly knowledgeable about the area and the species living there. As they should be for having dedicated their lives to helping others from around the world learn and appreciate African wildlife and flora/fauna.

You are set in arguably one of the most spectacular places on earth, the Kalahari desert. The accommodations are clean and welcoming. End your day around the fire, sharing stories of your sightings for the day. The food was lovely, as was the dinner conversations.

The days are spent on game drives primarily. Within those drives you assist in projects such as herd population counts, checking watering holes for any damages and assisting in general maintenance, and repopulation of plant species to ensure grazing areas for years to come.

Additionally, there is occasionally veterinary procedures in which you are able to assist the incredibly talented staff with. While on my trip alone I assisted in the medical care of a mother rhino with a terrible abscess. We were able to treat the wounds and ensure she was reunited with her calf. We also tracked packs of wild dogs, in order to ensure the geolocator collars were in working order. I was also fortunate to assist in the transport of lions, in order to ensure that the biodiversity of the area is always changing, to support future generations.

I could go on forever with compliments of this organization. I have collected amazing stories and photographs from my time there. I truly felt that the work that was put in is making a difference, and it was an absolute honor to be able to volunteer.

I will be back! 10/10 RECOMMEND

Louisa Cowell

Such an incredible week, and an amazing experience. Working with wildlife were great, nothing was too much trouble and we were given lots of traditional experiences and learnt so much and made to feel part of the family.
The team are so knowledgeable and we’re very patient with our hundreds of questions each day about what species we were seeing everytime we went past something we had forgotten from the day before, and they went above and beyond to make sure we maximised our chances to see all of the big 5.

Would thoroughly recommend to anyone and was far superior to a traditional safari. Missing it already and want to go back!

Stuart Cross

I have travelled a lot around the south and east of Africa. But never have I experienced an Africa like this. I felt like I had stepped back in time to when the animals were free and lived a life they deserve. This place took my breath away. The hosts were both knowledgeable and very hospitable even catering to my specific diet. The photographic opportunities blew me away and the animal experiences I had will stay with me for a lifetime. I don’t think anywhere in Africa will beat this, not a chance. I have been twice already and will be
back many more times as long as epidemics allow it. I cannot recommend this more to anyone wanting the best animal & African experiences they’ll ever have. And what I’m writing here will still not prepare you for what you will see! Absolutely 11 out of 10 stars. Thanks Edyta and Gary for a life changing time.


I had absolute amazing time, wonderful place. I guarantee you will leave a piece of your heart in South Africa.
I will never forget the beautiful sunrises in the bush, views and sounds of all animals in the evening and morning. Highly recommend.

Jordan King

I can’t say enough about my time at Working with Wildlife. I have been on many other commercial game drives, and this experience is far more rewarding. Your entire stay will be a de facto game drive. You will likely see all of the big five plus dozens of other species. The owners are incredibly knowledgeable about the ecology of the reserve and the threats facing the African ecosystem at large. The volunteer work you perform is varied, engaging, and vital. Projects may shift rapidly due to animal locations or a newly discovered urgent need. Simply getting to and from the work sites requires miles of game drives, and the owner will always stop to view animals or change direction to follow tracks. Projects are tailored to your level of activity or interest. What can be challenging work seems easy as you know you are playing a vital role in helping to protect this reserve and some of Africa’s most endangered species. This is a massive reserve. I only saw one other vehicle the entire week, and it belonged to the staff ecologist. When the day is done, it’s time for more game viewing and the traditional sundowners, if desired.

The tented accommodations are modern and comfortable. The food is varied, delicious, and constantly available. Evening dinners may be in the dining tent or taken outside in a traditional boma along with a campfire. This is the Kalahari, so check the forecast and bring layers of clothing. The remote location of this reserve and the lodging style give you the sense of what the African experience may have been like years ago before the over-commercialization and influx of travelers. The site also provides extraordinary stargazing opportunities.

Working with Wildlife is a “can’t miss” opportunity. While first-time visitors to S.A. will likely not discover this gem, I would certainly recommend it. Be warned, after your time here, commercial lodge game drives will always disappoint. If you are a seasoned visitor to the area, this opportunity provides a deeper, richer, and much more educated understanding of the true nature of African conservation. If you are an eco-warrior, get here as fast as you can! And for all, this is a fun and fantastic opportunity to see and photograph the beautiful animals we all love.

My visit to Working with Wildlife has enriched my life. I am a better person for having come. I amassed a prolific amount of memories and photographs. Most importantly, this place gives you the chance to get involved in protecting this vital corner of the world and all of the beautiful creatures contained within. I will return as often as I can.

Lulu Sloane

With out a doubt the most incredible experience I could have asked for and I cant wait to come back again as soon as possible. Gary and Edyta not only organised everything perfectly, they are also two of the funniest and most welcoming people imaginable – helping to make the whole experience unforgettable. South Africa, the people and of course the animals have a very very special place in my heart. Thank you for everything!

Geraldine Southern

We had a spectacular experience. The reserve is unadulterated beauty and it is an absolute privilege to witness, let alone participate in the conservation of it in some way. We did not see another vehicle in the several days we were there and had wonderful sightings without restriction.

Gary and Edyta are insightful, passionate and a pleasure to be around. It is truly the perfect place to disconnect and recharge. We cannot wait to go back!!

Magdalena Zabawa

This place is brilliant !!! For those Who are looking for a real adventure, who are looking for a real place, real life, not poisoned by commercialism, this place is a must to explore !!
There is no fake there. you wake up in harmony with nature and go to sleep as nature told you to. these wonderful animals, you can be part of their life temporarily.
and wonderful hosts !!! open-minded, full of passion for what they do. Gary is a mine of knowledge, ranging from the smallest plant, to animals of any species, and ending with environmental education. his wife Edyta takes care of everything and serves the best salads ever :)))
we will go back there, because each trip brings something new and you can really find yourself there in symbiosis with nature. I HIGHLY Recommend their Camp

The Pony Bar

If you’re looking for a unique experience to understand wildlife conservation in South Africa I highly recommend spending time with Working with Wildlife. I had the best time and really didn’t want to leave. I definitely plan to go back.

Shayna Eales

Had the most amazing experience. Thank you Gary and Edyta for making our stay an incredible one! Would definitely recommend this experience to anyone who loves wildlife, beautiful sites, accommodating hosts and glamping!


If I could rate this place higher than a 5, I would! One of the most amazing places on earth run by some of the most amazing people you will ever meet. I learned so much being there and saw some truly once in a lifetime animals and experiences. I hope to be able to go back again some day!

Juan du Plessis

We were there for a family vacation. The accommodation was great!
We had great encounters with wildlife, learned a lot and had great meals prepared for us. If I could give them 10 stars I would!

Catherine Pollard

I cannot fully put into words how special staying with Gary and Aditya at Working with Wildlife was. The reserve is breathtaking, accommodation so comfortable, food delicious & plentiful, and I learnt so so much. One of the most memorable trips I’ve ever taken – can’t wait to go back!

Rebecca Bolster

One of the best experiences I have ever had, definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity to see and learn new things, the hosts of the camp are welcoming and the kindest people, definitely will go again if the opportunity arises 🙂

Lucie Austin

Amazing place and lovely people. Their love for the animals is out of this world, and so knowledgeable. Seeing these animals in their natural habitat was just breath taking. Will definitely be back.

Kerri Rogerson

Such an incredible experience to feel so apart of nature. The accommodation, sightings, knowledgeable and friendly hosts, and overall experience was outstanding! I highly recommend this unique experience!

Martin Fahey

Amazing place, and experience. learnt so much from Gary and Edyta about eco-tourism. would recommend to anyone, who wants to learn about African wildlife

Andries Rautenbach

What an amazing getaway from the real world! The food was unbelievable, The interaction was brilliant, and the game drives were just amazing. I was left speechless!

Nellie Lambrechts

Working with Wildlife is a bush camp, completely different from the norm. We learnt so much and felt involved and as if we could make a difference. Thank you Gary and Edyta for this unique break from

Ben Doron

Amazing place! would highly recommend.
From the game viewing to the incredible sunsets.
Can’t wait to go back.

Melissa Schneider

Fantastic bunch of people, very professional! The accommodation was magnificent and what an experience! Fully recommend!

Judith Turner

Truly wonderful and so much better than an “ordinary” safari.

Sam Vorster

Incredible experience on a mind blowing slice of South Africa. I’ll deffinatly be back!

Dagmara Lewandowska

Goraco polecam to miejsce 😍😍😍. Bardzo mili gospodarze, czysto, z klasą i na poziomie. Atmosfera rodzinna, niezapomniane przeżycia wśród natury, wspomnienia które na zawsze zostaną z nami. Przezylam wspaniały czas za niewielkie pieniądze. Właściciele prowadzą to z pasją dzieki czemu to miejsce staje się wyjątkowo przyjemne. 😍😍😍

Aleksandra Simonsmeier

Mein Aufenthalt in der Kalahari Südafrika bei Edyta & Gary kann ich nur als WUNDERSCHÖN beschreiben.
Alles war perfekt ! So viele Tiere in der Natur und hautnah zu sehen war ein Traum ….
Für die Organisation kann man auch nur die beste Note geben !!! Jeder Tag war hoch interessant und gut geplant.
Die Gastgeber Edyta und Gary sind einfach lieb und geben alles um ihre Gäste zufrieden zu stellen.
Auf der Speisekarte sind nur leckere und gesunde Gerichte( mit Liebe gemacht und mit Herzen serviert )
Die ganze Atmosphäre super angenehm, freundlich, familiär…
Man kann und muss den Ort nur empfehlen ..!
Ich werde Euch und eure wunderschöne Tiere sicherlich bald besuchen :)))))
Ihr macht tollen Job !

Wenn Ihr die wunderschöne wilde Tiere ….in der unberührter Natur sehen wollt und das alles mit lieben Menschen erleben wollt nimmt euch als Ziel Südafrika und den Ort wo beste Abenteuer auf Euch wartet…..

Renata Moura de Oliviera

Esse lugar é simplesmente incrível, eu recomendo muito, é uma experiência muito marcante para levar para o resto da vida, a natureza e os animais convivendo em perfeita harmonia, o casal dono do local é incrível, super educados e inteligentes, eu voltarei lá com toda certeza 😊😊


Nie zapomniane wrażenia. Jedno z ostatnich miejsc tak żyjacych zwierząt na wolności. Właściciele obiektu wkomponowalì się z nim w tą naturę perfekcyjnie. Prawdziwi milosnicy zwierząt . Polecam

Cliona Moore

We spent three full weeks with Gary and Edyta at their beautiful camp and they made our experience more than I could’ve imagined. They are warm and welcoming with going above and beyond for their guests. Between the home cooked meals and fantastic accommodation, they made the desert feel like a second home.
I learned so much about the wildlife, the land and the hard work that goes into conservation. From tracking wild dogs and cheetah, to searching for elephants and lions and up keeping of the reserve. Not forgetting the amazing natural scenery of the Kalahari everywhere you looked.
Gary and Edyta are a credit to WWW and I only wish to visit again!


Calvin and I, from Vumbua Africa spent 3 wonderful days with Gary and Edyta. It was an amazing experience learning about their various conservation programs past, present and upcoming. From the moment we had arrived until departure, Gary and Edyta were friendly and caring. They are two very special people who are dedicated and passionate about conservation and the immense work that they have done to make the camp and surroundings so comfortable for their guests.
We viewed many animal interactions such as antelope, giraffe, bird and feline species, including wild dogs amongst others that are critically endangered. Each day was an exciting adventure where we did something different on the reserve in accordance with conservation; from tracking wild dogs, count and sexing of animals, plant and biomass surveys to the monitoring of the camera traps.
The tents were comfortable even on a cold evening, and the amenities were excellent considering the remoteness of the area.
Among my many tourism and conversation experiences, I would rank this as one of my personal favorite’s, it was a life time experience and I felt truly blessed to spend time with them.
Thank you so much for the wonderful stay and I can highly recommend this adventure and experience.
Thank you so much Gary and Edyta, you are both very amazing people and keep doing what you love doing for conservation of wildlife !

Makayla Circosta

I spent three amazing weeks with WWW. It was a big eye opener for the work that is involved in conservation.
We had the amazing opportunity to research the wild dogs and cheetah on the reserve.
Edyta and Gary were the most amazing hosts.
Couldn’t have asked for anywhere better to spend my holiday.

Melissa Ackerman

What an incredible experience! Edyta and Gary are unbelievable hosts, the accommodation was fantastic but the sightings were out of this world! I would highly recommend Working with Wildlife! Can’t wait to go back!

Mientjie Nel Smith

What a wonderful experience, these guys are doing a great job for nature conservation, it was very informative. We had a lot of special sightings. Gary and Edyta, were great hosts, the tented accomodation and food was also great.

Jenny Leigh Brown

I recently visited WWW for a 5 nights to assist them in tracking a lion needing his research collar removed.
The collar was no longer working so we needed to find the lion using his audio and track clues left for us.
We worked long hours out in the kalahari green veld.
It was an amazing experience. The support from camp head chef/ everything else that needed doing Edyta was inwaivering! She really looked after us so well.
The best was to really immerse ourselves in the wild with very little other human contact!
It was a privilege to call this home even for a few nights!
I travelled far to get to them but I won’t hesitate to go back!!
Thank you Gary and Edyta for a amazing experience!
Best regards,
Jenny Leigh Brown


Our time at Working with Wildlife was the best wildlife encounter we have ever had. It is difficult to put the 3 days we spent there into words that will capture this experience but I will try. Working with Wildlife is a hidden gem remotely located in the Kalahari. We have never seen African skies like we did there, no light or noise pollution. We heard all the awesome African wild life sounds including lion; hyena and jackal.  We were 8 people so we booked out the camp. During our stay the only other people we encountered were our hosts Gary and Edyta; we never saw another game vehicle it was incredible. Gary and Edyta are phenomenal hosts and the accommodation exceeded our expectations. Edyta welcomed us back after our afternoon drives (which turned into night drives) with a huge fire in the boma where we got to spend time chatting with them.  We learnt so much from Gary who has a wealth of knowledge in wildlife and ecology. Gary took us out on game drives where there was no time limit we spent hours in the vehicle. We have always wanted to spend time looking for nocturnal animals and we got to do that and saw unbelievable creatures. We got to help by doing a tree survey which was interesting and gave us an opportunity to contribute our time to wildlife. Tracking 4 collared young male cheetah was another highlight and something we have never done before. The only regret we have is that we did not stay longer. We would recommend Working with Wildlife to everyone who loves wildlife and the bush. We can’t wait to go back.


This was a wildlife experience with a difference. We felt as if we were part of a conservation effort while enjoying every luxury you could wish for in the middle of the bush. Never seen so many creatures on night drives!!!


Amazing place, profesional team

Lynnie Seib

What am amazing experience !!! We spent 8 wonderful days in May with Gary and Edyta (not forgetting the delightful Sweeney and Betty } they are such lovely people who are passionate about wildlife and the environment. We also got to spend time with the resident ecologist Hanno , another person who like Gary and Edyta infect you with their passion about their surroundings and the animals that they share it’s with.
All of them where so generous sharing their knowledge and passion.
It was fantastic ‘getting involved’ not least of all with the grass and vegetation survey that we assisted with , I now know the 4 most common grasses in the Kalahari and how important the distribution of them are for the grazing animals. Actually a fascinating subject that I shall dine out on for years to come.
We had many exciting and rare sightings particularly on the ‘no time limit’ night drives including 2 Honey Badgers, a Caracal kitten , African Wild Cat kittens, leopards ,many cheetah not least of all the 4 brothers that were released while we were there, observed a lion kill, Brown Hyena , Spotted Hyena and Giraffe mating……all of it amazing, amazing, amazing.
The accommodation is very good, large two man tents with thoughtful touches not least of all the very appropriately embroidered bed linen, hot showers and Edyta’s excellent cooking !
I didn’t want to leave and I can’t wait to return.
Thank you both for making it such a special experience.

Elize Botha

Gary and Edyta are such amazing and loving people. I recommend Working for Wildlife to anyone looking to contribute to wildlife and getting this amazing experience working  with them.

Kathy Webster

Stunning venture by Gary and Edyta….. Professional and committed to the preservation of the Wildlife 🐾🐾🐾

Mikaela Larsson

Amazing people who wants to make the world a better place for the African wildlife. Professionals! I highly recommend to travel with this org!


Incredible experience!
Highly recommended!!!

Ian Gladwin

If you’ve ever thought about eco-tourism, check out this AMAZING place.  Plotting my next vacation here.

Andre Lessing

want dit is lekker  om  deel te wees  van die natuur engin die wildediere

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