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Kalahari Conservation Safari – Make a meaningful and positive impact by joining this authentic wildlife conservation experience


A project that marries sustainable conservation efforts with the awe-inspiring beauty of Africa’s wildlife

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Experience the incredible wildlife research adventure that this Kalahari conservation safari has to offer in one of Africa’s last remaining true wildernesses

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An unparalleled Kalahari Conservation Safari and Wildlife Research Experience


Enjoy a safari whilst contributing to Wildlife Research in this unique Kalahari Conservation Safari

The Kalahari

Encounter this vast and majestic wilderness like never before


View the naturally occurring Kalahari species at their finest!

Exclusive Kalahari Conservation Safari

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Conservation Experience

Exclusive Kalahari Conservation Safari: Make a Real Impact

Discover a uniquely hands-on wildlife conservation experience in South Africa’s vast Kalahari Desert. Immerse yourself in Khamab Kalahari Reserve, a 240,000-acre Big-5, malaria-free, private game reserve. Participate in hands-on wildlife research within South Africa’s vast Kalahari Desert. Track iconic predators like African wild dogs and directly contribute to vital conservation efforts in this remote and pristine wilderness. Monitor other endangered species like pangolins and cheetahs. Assist with camera trap surveys, participate in crucial game counts, and contribute to critical anti-poaching efforts. Break free from crowded tourist circuits and rigid schedules. Make a true contribution to wildlife research on this once-in-a-lifetime conservation safari.

Kalahari Conservation Safari and Research Expedition – African Wild Dogs, Cheetahs, Pangolins & More

Dive deeper than a typical wildlife safari and become a partner in critical conservation research on South Africa’s largest private big-5 reserve, Khamab Kalahari Reserve. Your experience goes beyond viewing threatened species like African wild dogs, cheetahs, and pangolins. Get involved in the hands-on research projects essential to their survival. Conduct game counts, monitor camera traps, and even play a role in anti-poaching efforts. This is the Kalahari as few experience it – remote, untamed, and where your efforts truly make an impact in this unique African ecosystem. A true Kalahari Conservation Safari for wildlife research!

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Predator Research

Based on the ecological needs of the reserve, we are participating in continuous monitoring of predator populations…

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Pangolin Monitoring

Join us on the front lines of pangolin conservation in the Kalahari. While best known for its iconic large carnivores …

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Camera Traps

Placing and monitoring camera traps to conduct scientific research and animal identification (e.g. a wild dog’s unique …

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Game Counts

Conduct regular game surveys to monitor the distribution and sex and age ratios in all the reserve’s wildlife…

Vegetation Surveys

The reserve’s ecologist has set a programme in motion to monitor changes in fauna and flora. Over sixty sites…

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Anti Poaching

Due to the ongoing poaching crisis plaguing South Africa, we offer guests the chance to contribute to the anti-poa…

Your Kalahari Conservation Safari Basecamp: Comfort in the Heart of Wilderness

Kalahari Wildlife Research Safari
Spacious glamping tent, Khamab Kalahari Reserve Conservation Safari, Kalahari Desert

Working with Wildlife Founders – Edyta and Gary

Gary and Edyta at Working with Wildlife

Working with Wildlife Founders – Edyta and Gary

Gary and Edyta at Working with Wildlife

What People Are Saying About Our Conservation Safari

Our guests are our top priority, and we’re dedicated to providing the best possible conservation safari imaginable. Here’s what a few of our past guests have to say about us.

I had the privilege of spending time with Edyta and Gary at “Working with Wildlife” in the heart of the Kalahari Desert within the !Khamab Reserve. It was an experience that transcended mere tourism. This camp is not your typical safari lodge. It’s a place where conservation takes center stage and where the team is committed to preserving the delicate balance of this unique African ecosystem.

The hosts are nothing short of extraordinary. Their passion for wildlife and conservation is contagious. They made us feel at home and (almost) like family.

“Working with Wildlife” is a gateway to understanding, respect, and experience wilderness in a remote and extraordinary reserve. If you’re seeking an authentic safari experience that leaves a positive footprint, look no further !!!

I would particularity recommend this camp for families with kids as the ability to participate in conservation efforts makes the experience a lot more interesting and rewarding.

Alban Gerbet

Wow, Working With Wildlife makes dreams come true! What a magical place in the middle of nowhere. Gary and Edyta made a beautiful camp in the Kalahari where you feel welcome from the first minute you arrive. The tents have everything you need, and more. The food that Edyta creates is delicious (and more than you need ;-)). And the knowledge that Gary shares is more than you ever can remember.

We had game drives where we followed 3 beautiful male lions and ended up with a female lion with her 4 curious cubs around the game viewer.

We had lunch while 4 cheetah’s were on the hunt for their lunch just in front of us. The highlight of our 1 week stay in the camp was the release of a big elephant bull who was relocated from another reserve. This is something I will always remember. It was so special.
If you ever wanna be close to nature in a big 5 reserve, want to help with nature conservation and learn a lot: don’t hesitate and book your stay at Working with Wildlife. You won’t regret it.

– Helga Leenstra

A truly unforgettable experience that leaves you planning your return! It truly warms my heart to know that there is a vast space in the Kalahari that is relatively untouched by humans and where a handful of truly amazing people take such care to keep it that way.

I had the most amazing adventure when I got to finally get a taste of what my friends had tried to explain the year before, but until you are there and get to see the vast beauty surrounding you, you don’t really understand. The true wonder of this magical place is that it is not full of lodges and vehicles in radio contact with each other racing from one sighting to the next and jockeying for position.
This is a place that focuses on the balance of nature and allows you to search and see animals in their natural habitat.

Gary and Edyta are such wonderful hosts that you feel like you are in your home away from home. They are soo passionate about wildlife and this project. Their knowledge and experience and willingness to share this with others make this a place not to miss!

Monique Kemp

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