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An African Adventure and Eco-Safari

This Wildlife Research Project gives guests the opportunity to enjoy living on a 240 000-acre Big-5 and Malaria Free private game reserve in South Africa’s Kalahari Desert. The project offers a true perspective of the problems facing African Wildlife, and allows guests to give something back to the continent’s conservation efforts. Break free from tourists and time limits as you follow animals in their natural habitat in this once in a lifetime conservation experience!

A unique conservation experience in South Africa’s largest private Big-5 game reserve!

Predator Research

Based on the ecological needs of the reserve, we are participating in continuous monitoring of population...

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Camera Traps

Placing and monitoring camera traps to conduct scientific research and animal identification (e.g. a wild dog’s unique ...

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Game Counts

Conduct regular game surveys to monitor the distribution and sex and age ratios in all the reserve’s wildlife...

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Vegetation Surveys

The reserve's ecologist has set a programme in motion to monitor changes in fauna and flora. Over sixty randomly selected sites...

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Reserve Work

Bush encroachment is a problem throughout African savannas. Not only does it impact on the habitats available to animals...

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Anti Poaching

Due to the ongoing poaching crisis plaguing South Africa, we offer guests the chance to join the anti-poaching team...

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External Projects

Brought to you by Working With Wildlife

This Rhino and Elephant Project allows you to experience life on a 10 000-acre family-run reserve where you can enjoy a huge diversity of wildlife. The project offers volunteers of all ages an incredible and unique opportunity to experience Africa in a safe environment, and to help research projects to better understand these incredible animals. This project is a life-changing experience that enables you to see first-hand the difference that your efforts have on the reserve and within the local community!


We are no longer offering this project

Care for Wild Africa CC and Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary NPC (non-profit) are two separate entities and volunteer payments are not a donation to this non-profit entity. “Care for Wild Africa CC is a profit company and the purpose of this company is to supply the volunteers working at the NPC with accommodation and food.”


Working With Wildlife Press

National Geographic

After being shot by and escaping from the same poachers who killed her mom, an injured and orphaned 10-month-old female rhino was rescued...

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