Close-up of a lion drinking from a Kalahari waterhole, eye level

Lion Monitoring

Lion Monitoring to safeguard the Kalahari Lion: Conservation Begins Here. Witness the iconic Kalahari lion, with its majestic black mane, on Khamab Kalahari Reserve. Learn about their social bonds, hunting strategies, and the threats they face. Understand the importance of monitoring lion populations, the impact of habitat loss, and the challenges of balancing conservation with tourism pressures. Join our mission to protect these powerful predators.

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Cheetah and gemsbok standoff, Kalahari Desert

Cheetah Monitoring

Become a Cheetah Monitoring Champion: Conservation Starts Here. The cheetah, icon of speed, desperately facing a race against time. Join Khamab Kalahari Reserve’s cheetah monitoring projects to help safeguard these incredible cats! Learn about their unique adaptations, hunting strategies, and the threats they face in an ever-changing world. Your participation helps gather vital data for effective conservation action. Discover the importance of research, how habitat loss fuels human-wildlife conflict, and what you can do to ensure cheetahs continue to grace Africa’s wild landscapes.

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Two African wild dogs stand together in a recently burned area, the black earth contrasting with their colorful coats.

African Wild Dog Monitoring

Protecting through African Wild Dog Monitoring. Uncover the secrets of the critically endangered African wild dog and contribute to their conservation! Join our monitoring efforts on Khamab Kalahari Reserve. Learn about their unique social bonds, hunting strategies, and the threats they face. Help us understand this fascinating predator and develop strategies to ensure their survival in the Kalahari. Discover how monitoring informs conservation, why habitat loss is their biggest threat, and the challenges faced by small populations. Ready to make a difference?

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